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A man chooses; a slave obeys.

Alexandre | 19


waking up freezing cold wishing you had that one person right beside you in your bed but they’re miles away and doesn’t even care about you anymore is a horrible feeling.

For the moment I am really very, very tired of everything - more than tired.
Friedrich Nietzsche, Letter to Freiherr Karl von Gersdorff,” April 1, 1874 (via nevahmind)

I bite my tongue on forevers and chip my teeth on tomorrow. You say I can’t feel happiness without knowing sorrow, without knowing what it’s like to have it all ripped away — but happiness isn’t something you can taste with open eyes.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve felt; collapsed to the ground, broken down, but happiness isn’t the absence of pain, it isn’t life with everything to lose and nothing to gain, happiness is a thing of it’s own. It’s lit up eyes, it’s goosebumps, it’s fingertips dipped in sunlight dragging across your spine it’s lips grazing jawlines it’s toes dipped in saltwater, it’s music that beats to your pulse. It’s his arms, it’s her smile — happiness is whatever sets you on fire.

It’s soothing to think that without the lows we wouldn’t know the highs but collapsed on the kitchen floor I didn’t feel alive, I didn’t feel blessed for knowing pain; my grief wasn’t beautiful. My messy hair and sweat clinging to my skin mascara running down my face reddened nose bloodshot eyes there’s nothing glorified in lies, nothing inspiring in beaten down, I didn’t gain precious life experience at the hands of repressed memories and ambulances.

So no, I won’t spout stories of survival. I’m not a better person now, I’m not stronger for it. I would have gotten enough strength if I had missed it. If I had just been lying on your stomach, quoting galaxies and living small infinities. I would have gotten enough strength letting waves wash over me and basking in the sun. I would have felt loved.

I could have known what it’s like swimming in the ocean
without having to know what it’s like to drown.

"I Think I Would Have Been Just Fine"


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im fucking worth it

Natalie Dormer at the People’s Ones to Watch event (x).

There is an ache in my heart for the imagined beauty of a life I haven’t had, from which I had been locked out, and it never goes away.
Robert Goolrick, The End of the World as We Know It: Scenes from a Life (via anemptyspace)
You know what’s weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon everything’s different.
 Bill Watterson (via teenager90s)